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Mumuni opening

National Symposium on the Zambia Library Service and Library Information Policy and Bill

"You rightly stress the real challenge for the future which is in the 70% of the population, most who are out-of-school children, squeezed out of the educational process so early in life without alternative means of access to knowledge, information and skills for enhancement in their quality of life. There will always be more children out of school than those in school who will need Lubuto type libraries. This is a time bomb! Lubuto is a long term strategic partner in Zambia's social and economic history and will also be a determinant in the peace, stability security and development of the country."
-Mr. Mark Chona, after reading Jane's statement for the symposium

Makasa very ably represented Lubuto at the National Symposium on the Zambia Library and Information Policy and Bill on April 30th in Siavonga, Zambia. Since Zambia does not currently have a legal framework addressing library services, this meeting was held to promote and receive feedback on a draft of a potential national bill.The symposium featured speeches and remarks from senior officials of the Zambia Library Service (ZLS) and other education ministry (MESVTEE) entities, the Library and Information Association of Zambia (LIAZ), and other notable library services professionals, and discussions of the proposed bill. Makasa shared Lubuto advocacy materials and explained our role in the public library and development sectors of Zambia to key stakeholders.

Although she could not physically be present at the symposium, Jane wrote a statement for the event , which was shared widely. In it, she outlined Lubuto's long-held relationship with ZLS and expressed our support for formalizing a national library policy. Through a 2008 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)—and a subsequent amended MoU in 2014 further detailing Lubuto's role as a "National Partner”—Lubuto has been recognized by ZLS and Government for its ability to establish standards of library services for children and youth in Zambia. ZLS is interested in having Lubuto libraries to complement ZLS' provincial libraries across Zambia to provide much needed resources and open-access spaces to Zambia's young people.

Makasa's knowledge and enthusiasm and Jane's thoughtful letter of support were very well received in Siavonga. Velenasi Munsanje—the President of LIAZ—was greatly impressed and commented that "LIAZ is forever proud and thankful for LLP's role in the development of libraries and library services in Zambia.” Because of our close relationship with LIAZ and our participation in the event, Lubuto will be featured in LIAZ's quarterly newsletter and in its annual journal. Furthermore, Lubuto will also be one of a handful of organizations to be featured in a film made by LIAZ. Jane was honored as a lifetime member of this library association in 2006, and we hope to continue to grow our strong partnership with them in the future.

Lubuto's plans to offer children's library training to University of Zambia students

The University of Zambia (UNZA) has been the major educational institution training librarians in Zambia, at the undergraduate level and in a newly developed Master's program – but they have offered no courses in children's or youth services. In the past, Lubuto has worked with the LIS department to recruit a children's services professor through the U.S. Fulbright program. However, no formal course was added to the curriculum during the professor's one-year tenure at UNZA. Now we are committed to working with UNZA's LIS program to develop a short course in children's/Lubuto library services, a partnership activity that is expected to help provide and strengthen the workforce for current and future library services in Zambia.

Help support Thomas Mukonde’s education!

We are now looking for financial contributions to fund Thomas Mukonde’s final year of graduate school. Last year, people generously donated towards Thomas’ education through an Indiegogo campaign. If you are interested in donating this year, you can use our Donate Now feature or mail a check to Lubuto Library Partners at 5614 Connecticut Ave NW, #368, Washington, DC 20015-2604. Please make sure to mention Thomas on your check or online submission. We appreciate all of your help!

Check out Thomas' profile currently featured on his LIS department's homepage.

American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) grant for fourth Lubuto library

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